The Impact Alliance

We are proud and privileged to work with a host of stakeholders in our Impact Alliance to support our women suppliers to realise their dreams.

The impact alliance

As an impact business we measure success both in impact and in financial sustainability. As such, we actively work to create and maximise our long term, sustainable positive impact. One key way in which we do this is with our Impact Alliance. Our suppliers live in what we call a low opportunity environment. They lack income generating opportunities but also opportunities to access information, networks, education and a whole host of other services and products that could improve their daily lives.

We believe that everyone and every organisation should do what they are good at. Hence we know that we cannot bring our suppliers all those things that they need. That is why we continuously build what we call our Impact Alliance. This alliance is made up out of a range of selected organisations and stakeholders from the private sector, government, national and international NGO’s, and other organisations who are relevant in one way or another to create opportunities for our suppliers. This can range from creating international awareness about Nilotica and improvement of product standards, to providing them with access to financial literacy training and other information and offering good quality, affordable solar products or prenatal services. All these can have a place in the Impact Alliance. The members of our Alliance can change from time to time as needs and offerings change.

We select our partners based on a practical, long terms perspective and shared values. To the right you find an indication of our current and past partners and stakeholders.

Do you wish to become part of our impact alliance or learn more about it? Please contact us for more information.

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In 2016 Caio opened the Trade HUB in our village. Together with USAID and VeroModa they organized trainings for us that really helped me develop more skills for my business. It even gave me more courage to talk to my husband about using birth control because I don’t want to have more children.

I took my daughter to one of the events where they had a successful woman talk about her journey. I couldn’t believe that she is from our area and now she is a succesfull doctor in Kampala. Now my daughter wants to become a doctor. I can’t thank Caio enough for bringing those people to us. They have really helped us change our life.

Betty, Supplier