Made with Care

After gathering the nuts, the women and our team treat the Nilotica with delicate care to create the very best Nilotica shea butter.

Shea nuts gathering
Meet the women
About Nilotica trees

Post harvest handling

We work with more than 1.000 registered suppliers to source our Nilotica shea nuts. To ensure the very best quality of Nilotica shea nuts there are several steps our suppliers go through with both patience and careful attention. All of our suppliers are trained to ensure that they can deliver the highest quality. This is not only best for the final product. It also allows us to pay the highest price per kg which is significantly above market rate.

Pressing the Nilotica shea butter

With the least amount of handling and in a controlled environment our team presses the Nilotica shea nuts carefully to extract the butter. After pressing it is filtered and packaged. Through our quality management practices, which include internal and external quality tests as well as record keeping, we make sure we produce the very best quality Nilotica shea butter for you every time.

To better manage our product quality we make sure we ensure full traceability throughout our supply chain. As a result we know exactly where the nuts came from that made the Nilotica shea butter that is in each product. All products are labeled with a unique batch number, production and expiry date.

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