Nilotica Shea Butter
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Soft. Smooth. Natural. Nourishing.
Nilotica Shea Butter
West African Shea Butter

Not all shea butter is created equal. However most people don’t know that there are two distinct varieties of Shea Butter. One from West Africa (this is the one that most people know) and then there is its more precious and rare cousin from East Africa; Nilotica shea butter.

We often say that comparing the two in terms of consistency and texture is like comparing parmesan cheese to cream cheese. Why is that the case?

Any type of vegetable butter is made up out of a solid element called stearin and a liquid element the olein, or oil. The ratio between the two determines how soft the butter is and the melting point. Nilotica shea butter has a much higher oil content compared to West African shea butter. This is due to the genetic differences between West African shea trees (Vitellaria Paradoxa Paradoxa) and East African shea trees (Vitellaria Paradoxa Nilotica). Because of this Nilotica is so much softer and this also why it melts the moment you touch it into a luxurious oil. In shea butter it is also the oil that has the most beneficial properties. Therefore the higher the oil contents the higher the amount of benefits for your skin and hair. Hence why Nilotica stands out as natures’ skin super-food, even when compared to other extraordinary oils and butter.

What name do you use?

Nilotica shea butter is known under many names. because throughout the centuries local communities where the trees grow have given the precious butter a local name. As a result also on the international market there are several names for the same product. These names include: Nilotic, Nilotica, East African shea butter, Ugandan shea butter, and Nilotic- or Nilotica shea butter. The official international name is Nilotica shea butter, derived from its botanical name: Vitellaria Paradoxa Nilotica. That is why we proudly use the name Nilotica shea butter, or Nilotica for short.
The scientific reasons
why our Nilotica is a super-food

Our Nilotica shea butter is grown in the wild savannahs of Northern Uganda, harvested by hand and carefully pressed to extract its precious oil. We don’t add anything in any way or use any chemicals during the process. All we do is simply retain all of its natural goodness.

Nilotica in its pure form is a perfect balm-to-oil moisturizer that easy absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy layer on top. Naturally our Nilotica shea butter is rich in vitamins A, E and K, fatty acids and anti-oxidants. Furthermore it has exceptionally high contentrations of cinnamatic esthers, allatonins and other compounds. Combined this makes Nilotica great for many different uses! Use on any skin for a deep moisturizing treatment and to support the healing and protection of the the skin. Nilotica is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and doesn’t clog the pores. Use it as a body balm, massage oil or face mask and take care of your whole family! Just like nature intended it to be.

It is also a great ingredient for skincare and cosmetics products because it easily enriches any formulation with its great properties without taking over the color or scent of your product. Try it now!


Fatty acids Omega 6 and 9: A non-saponifiable fraction of fatty acids with therapeutic, healing function for the skin cell membranes. Nilotica contains 17 times more than comparable natural oils; in a league of its own for maintaining a healthy, natural oil barrier to protect the skin.


Vitamin E: A natural anti-oxidant, which nourishes the skin and gives a first-line of defence against harmful environmental exposure.
Vitamin A: Boosting the skin’s healthy call production. Stimulates blood flow and fibroblasts; the cells responsible for developing tissue that keeps skin firm and maintains elasticity.


Allantoin: Provides healing, soothing, and anti-inflammatory properties. Helps to heal wounds and skin irritations including eczema and sunburns. When used as an additive in skin protectant products, it is regulated by the as a medicinal drug.

Cinnamatic esters:
Provides inherent sun protecting properties

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Comparing Nilotica shea butter

ProductPerfect to use pureHighest Fatty Acid contentWild grown & Hand harvested
Caïo Nilotica Shea Butter+++++++++
West African Shea Butter+++++
Avocado oil++
Argan oil+++++
Marula oil+++++