What will you do today? Depending on where you are, you might be in a lockdown since two or more months (Thank you for staying home!). You might be going a bit stir crazy if you’re just at home or working from home. But as a business owner you might be pulling out your hair in absolute desperate frustration by now. After passing through phases of denial, anger and acceptance I reached a phase that is a weird combination of feeling inadequate and thinking what now?? How are you feeling?
I used to tell myself I should do this, and that, and that. Then I would get started and quickly frustration would start to build as I found out this is not possible. And that is not possible. And that is not possible either. And then just to top it off one of my kids start to scream because she can’t close the skirt of the barbie doll she is dressing. And I would be left tired, exhausted and frustrated. Not to say exploding from time to time. But then one day I changed the conversation with myself. And instead of asking “what should I do?”, I asked myself “what can I do?”. That was a breath of fresh air! It automatically meant I ignored all the impossibilities, and instead looked at what is possible!!
What is possible today is very different than what was possible 3 months ago. If you’re like me, living in Uganda or another remote place, transport is challenging and expensive on the best of days. Today, with no regular flights or even cars allowed on the road it is pretty much impossible to do any national or international shipping. The effect on shipping orders is obvious. With everyone ordered home, staff can’t come. And the list goes on. So let’s ask the question what can I do?
There might be things you always need to do but you don’t have time for because you’re too busy with managing staff, running production etc. Things like research, cleaning or brainstorming. This time is perfect for that! So let’s make a 10 point list of things we can all do in lockdown, regardless of your industry or business size

10 Things you can do today

  1. Financial management: everything up to date, make forecasts, learn about the things that challenge you like taxes
  2. Clean your premises
  3. Organise all tools, papers etc.
  4. Research competitors
  5. Review packaging options
  6. Increase your value proposition, how can you create more impact??
  7. Think about new product options
  8. Have an all out marketing brainstorm and review your marketing materials
  9. Improve your online presence; facebook, instagram, your website etc.
  10. Online lead mapping
Even if you can’t be working in your business today you can definitely work on your business. Take the time to reflect on how you got where you are today. The choices that you’ve made. What would you do different? What are your strengths as a person? What gives you energy? What is your vision for the future? These might not be things that earn you money today, but they do make your business better and stronger. Today, tomorrow and next year.
All that said, you need to be realistic about how much you can get done in a day. Don’t drive yourself crazy. Or as the professionals would call it; protect your mental health. If you are like me, a mum of 2 toddlers home alone, you can make an endless to-do list, but some days all you can do is keep the kids alive and the house standing. And that is ok as well. You’re not alone! Have a look at the instagram of Sarah Blakely of SPANX, for some perspective :). In the midst of all the financial hardships and workload frustration don’t forget why you started your business. Choose to stay in the growth mindset. Probably the reason you started has something to do with being happy and providing for your family. That is as valid today as it was when you started. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that this situation is temporary. As much as the world will never be the same again, if we all do our bit to thrive today, we can make sure it will be a better place by the end of it.
And if that means writing a blog post in your pajamas on a Sunday morning with your daughter on top of you and your little boy on the floor chilling with a bottle in front of the TV whilst your husband is watching top gear re-runs that is perfectly fine :). And if you only manage to post the blog 6 days later on your website… then so be it. We will get through this!