Grade A, raw and unrefined

Nilotica shea butter

Soft and smooth. Ethically and sustainably made by us in Uganda. Skincare has never been this good!

The impact of nilotica

Our Nilotica shea butter is perfect when….

You are desperate for a natural solution for your skin.

You’re frustrated because you have been looking for a product to take care of your skin for ages and are fed up with all the artificial products that don’t work, and you can’t find anything that is actually natural and actually works.

You love the products you make but question the ingredients.

You’re tired, because you love making personal care products with the best ingredients on the market, but you don’t know what to believe about where they come from and how they are made.

You don’t know which supplier to trust.

You want to bring the very best unique and natural ingredients to your customers from across the world, but you have been disappointed again and again by suppliers.
Nilotica lover
Ingredient retailer

Made from only the highest quality Nilotica shea nuts, that have been harvested by hand.

Nothing added. Nothing taken out. 100% pure. How nature intended it.

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Made from the nuts of the Nilotica shea tree, our Nilotica shea butter is 100% vegan.

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Our Nilotica nuts are ethically sourced from almost 2.000 women suppliers in Northern Uganda according to FairTrade principles.

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To keep all the active ingredients in tact we cold-press the shea butter and carefully control our whole production process for quality and temperature.

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We actively support environmental protection and regeneration activities in the communities in which we work so that we have a secure supply chain for the years to come.

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All our Nilotica nuts come from the ageold Nilotica shea trees that grow in the wild on the Ugandan savannahs.

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Nilotica; Skin superfood that changes lives

– Perfect to use pure or as an ingredient –

Our Nilotica shea butter is exceptionally rich in vitamins A, E, F and allantoins. This makes it is a natural powerhouse that protects, and helps your hair and skin heal, fight inflammations and retain its elasticity whilst it deeply moisturizes. As a result it is perfect to use for all skintypes, especially eczema prone or dry skin and is clinically proven to help maintain an even skin tone and fight the first signs of ageing!

Due to the high oil content it has a unique balm-to-oil consistency that melts upon touch. The scent is mild and chocolaty and it has a natural ivory color. Combined, it makes it incredibly versatile. Perfect to use pure or as an ingredient! 

Try it for yourself today and see what it can do for you!

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I was amazed when I first touched it. It has the perfect balmy texture and almost no scent. I use it as a base for a lot of products now.

Anne, Product formulator, USA

For our company I am always looking for the next big new ingredient. When I met Caio I knew their Nilotica was an undiscovered gem and the perfect addition to our product range. Our customers now love that we give them access to such a rare ingredient.

John, Sourcing specialist, UK

I was long searching for the perfect ingredient to build my brand on. Something that both inspired me, changes the world for the better and is an effective and multipurpose cosmetics ingredient. Nilotica shea butter from Caio was the answer.

Sandra, Brand owner, UK

After a lot of searching I landed on Nilotica. Now it is a my secret ingredient that I use in almost all my products.

Helle, Product formulator, Denmark

My whole family uses Nilotica for everything. In fact we use it soo much, a 500g jar lasts only about 4 weeks. And knowing it empowers women up North and that it is natural.. It just makes me happy :).

Brenda, Uganda

When customers ask me to recommend ingredients, Nilotica is almost always on the list. It is clean, pure and effective so it helps my clients create products that meet customer demands.

Kim, Product expert, Netherlands




Caïos’ Nilotica shea butter is made through good business. Good for everyone involved, and good for the planet. To us creating positive change is the reason why we founded the company and the reason why we continue to exist.

Through every kilogram of Nilotica sold we create income and empowerment opportunities for the women in Northern Uganda, and protect the environment. Join our movement and change the world through good skincare!

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