About Caïo

Since 2015 we are on a mission to change the lives of rural Ugandan women and bring Nilotica shea butter to the world.

We do this by doing good business. One Nilotica shea nut at a time. Get inside Caïo and learn more about us and why and how we do what we do.


Caïo is an impact business. That means that we are a business. Not a charity, not a project. We plan to be around for decades to come. And that can only be guaranteed by a solid business case. The impact part means that we measure success in both terms of profit and impact. We can’t make an impact without a profit and we can’t make a sustainable profit without making an impact as well.

To us that is simply good business and we hope that in years to come that will become normal. Everyone should expect good business from every business.

In order to achieve that we also hold our selves to high standards in every day decision making and how we work together with our staff, our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.
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Our Achievements

Nilotica shea nuts (kg)
Sources of Income

We measure our success both in terms of profitability and extend of our impact. Therefore we constantly track in various ways, big and small, how much impact we are having and to what extend we are helping our suppliers change their lives and protect the environment.

Check out stories and updates from our team, partners and women.

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Our Team

Caïo operates thanks to an amazing dedicated team that works hard every day to realise our mission.


Our Impact Alliance

To create maximum opportunities for our suppliers we work with a network of partners to create maximum impact for our suppliers.

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Our Founders

The profile of Suzanna and a personal note from her. Please meet our co-Founder and Managing Director.

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