How we work.

All about our Mission, Vision, Values and what this actually means for us practice.

Our Mission & Vision

Our team

Our vision is to show the transformative power of truly good and sustainable business, and the positive impact it can make on every day life for everyone involved, and on our planet.

For this we are on a mission to be the leading Nilotica shea butter exporter from East Africa by 2022 and by doing so create more prosperity, joy and opportunities in the communities in which we work and share the story of Uganda as we live it and love it across the world.

Our mission and vision are ambitious and hard work. To realise them we work with an amazing team of staff members and partners. Together we are well on the road to achieving our goals.

Our priorities

We are committed to make a long term, lasting impact in our social and natural environment. This means that we have prioritised 3 challenges on which we focus on 4 priorities:
1. Create economic and social empowerment opportunities for the women in Northern Uganda
2. Protect and conserve the unique natural environment in Northern Uganda
3. Give people across the world access to Nilotica shea butter
4. Share and contribute to the story of Uganda and Africa as we live it and love it; as a vibrant continent full of joy and potential that uses it resources to enrich the world.

Our values in practice

To us it is therefore not about doing business. It is about doing good business. Good for our suppliers, good for our customers, good for the environment and good for the company. It means we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Every day our decisions and actions are guided by the question “if everyone would do what I am about to do, would the world be a better place, yes or no?”. This means that we work by the following values.

1. Leadership: We lead by example and walk the talk; if everyone made the same principled choices we do, the world would be a better place.

2. Responsibility: We are empowered and responsible for what we do and don’t, and can explain every decision we make.

3. Sustainability; We create positive impact through a self-sustaining, reinforcing model that yields long term value for people, planet and profit.

4. Creativity: We meet challenges with creative resolve. If there is no solution we create one.

5. Continuous learning: What works today might be done better tomorrow. We always strive to learn and improve ourselves, the products and the company.

6. Community spirit: We are a committed, active, long term stakeholder and intrinsic part of the local, regional, national and global community.

These values are not a given and we don’t take them for granted. We purposefully incorporate them in everything we do. Including our meetings, decision making processes, and how we work with our customers, suppliers and staff alike.

Curious about the results?