Why Nilotica can change EVERYTHING

We work directly with the women who gather the NIlotica nuts on the wild savannahs of Northern Uganda.They live in remote, isolated rural villages. Nilotica is their gold. To truly understand the impact that Nilotica makes, experience a day in her shoes.

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Since 2015:

See how we are able to exponentially empower our suppliers to change their own lives.

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Why do we Care?

We want women to prosper and to be able to shape their own lives. Furthermore we want the natural environment to be preserved and to flourish. To us this makes intuitive sense on a human level. We want our suppliers to be happy and full-filled, living in a healthy environment. But this also makes business sense. We work in a unique context with many challenges. Challenges for us as a business, but even more challenging for the communities that we work in. For more details please read “A day in her life”. The result of those challenges is that in recent years there is a distinct trend towards migration to urban centers from rural villages, and Nilotica trees are cut down for charcoal. If this trend continues this could mean that in 25 years time there won’t be any people living in the Nilotica rich communities, or maybe there will not be any more Nilotica trees. What do we do then?

So aside from the fact that human compassion gives us an interest in our supplier’s lives and in the health of our planet so does our business. We are tied together. When they prosper we prosper, and when we prosper they prosper! It is that simple. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. But we go beyond that fundamental dependency to maximise our impact. To us that is good business.

Our 3 pillars of impact

We believe in the strength and power of women and we believe that when a woman can shape her own life, she will make the choices that empower and take care of herself, her children, her family and her community. That is why to change the world, we trust and invest in women. To do this we focus on 3 main areas.

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Working with Caïo has changed the lives of Molly, Betty, Juliet, Evaline and Rabecca. Read their stories.

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Every bit of Nilotica shea butter creates economic progress and real change.

Never has great skincare been so good. Nilotica is perhaps the single most powerful tool for sparking economic and social empowerment that our suppliers have ever known.

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