Nilotica shea butter has solved skin crisis! Thats why today we list the 5 Facts about nilotica shea butter that you need to know in this post. You never know who might get a skin crisis that you can help solve! 

Nilotica shea butter changes lives and it can also change yours and that of your loved ones. How do I know that for sure? It has helped my skin look the healthiest and glowing it ever has. It has kept my children’s skin healthy from the day they were born. But beyond that it has also soothed the discomfort of dry and itchy skin for my uncle going through Chemotherapy. And Nilotica has rescued my mother’s hand from flaking and peeling skin when no doctors’ cream could. So yes, from experience I say that you need to know these things.

So lets get to it. What you need to remember:

1. What is Nilotica shea butter?

Nilotica shea butter is a soft and smooth vegetable butter made from the nuts in the fruits of the Nilotica shea tree. It is known by many names including Ugandan Shea butter, East African shea butter, Nilotic butter, Nilotica fruit butter and others.

2. What does good quality unrefined, pure Nilotica shea butter look and smell like?

Nilotica is a golden ivory butter with a pleasant subtle chocolatey scent. It is solid below 26 degrees and melts upon touch into a luxurious golden oil.

Sometimes cold pressed Nilotica is perfectly smooth and other times it can be a bit grainy. This depends on the temperatures it has gone through. But no worries! Grainy Nilotica is easy to make smooth again and it doesn’t affect the quality.

Nilotica shea butter close-up | Caïo

3. What makes Nilotica better than any other product?

• It is literally made by nature.

Caïo’s Nilotica shea butter is cold pressed. That means we take a nut and squeeeeeeeze it to release the oil. Kind of like how you squeeze water from a sponge. That’s it. No chemicals are used at any point in the process.

• It has the highest component of active properties in any known natural butter or oil!

Every butter and oil is made up out of a moisturizing fraction and a healing fraction. The healing fraction is what actually enters the skin and helps it heal, restore elasticity etc. (think vitamins A, E and F, fatty acids and so on). Nilotica has up to15% more of the healing fraction than any other oil or butter, including African shea butter.

• It is a one ingredient product.

Because of its soft and smooth texture it is perfect to use by itself. You don’t need to mix it with other ingredients or heat it. It has everything you need for a deep healing and moisturizing treatment. Just as it is.


4. How can I use it?

Because of its unique properties it is truly multi-functional and you can use it in as many different ways as you can think of. As an all-over body moisturizer (that’s an obvious one), as an intense overnight face mask, as a hair and scalp oil, an intense overnight treatment for dry or cracked hands and feet. But you can also try it as a massage oil or even a bath oil. Or my personal favorite: as a makeup remover! Try it anyway you like to experience its healing benefits for yourself.


5. How does Nilotica make you feel good?

Lets be honest. Skin or hair in crisis can feel rough, dry, painful, itching and generally unpleasant. Usually it also doesn’t look its best and its natural beauty might be a far-off memory. Often you try to hide it under clothes or make up. It makes you feel less than confident. Nilotica will help you heal your skin and hair and restore its natural beauty. This will make the physical discomforts go away and in turn also help you feel beautiful.

Aside from these direct benefits there is another reason to feel good. Caïo’s Nilotica shea butter is ethically sourced. Whenever you use it, you help a woman in Northern Uganda change her life and protect the environment. It is truly good skincare, for everyone involved! We love it!

Don’t worry we are not going to do a pop-quiz on you. But this is the 5 minute summary on Nilotica. Please keep these things in the back of your mind so that you can recall it whenever there is a skin emergency that you can help over come.

Naturally there is much more to tell about Nilotica and all of the points above deserve a blog post (or 5) by itself. We will go more in depth about all these aspects in the future. So if you want more detail on any of the above, have a look at our website, look forward to the next blogs that will give you exactly that, or just leave a question in the comments below and we will get back to you personally!