Nilotica shea butter; How it’s made

One of our most asked questions is how the best Nilotica shea butter is made. So today we are answering your question! How Nilotica shea butter is made in 7 careful steps.Wild trees grow the Nilotica shea fruitsThe fresh fruits are gatheredFruit flesh is removedCrack the nutsDry the kernelsSqueeze the kernels with a cold pressPurification through filtrationThese steps are based on the ancient wisdom of the traditional producers of Nilotica shea butter; our women suppliers, combined with state-of-the-art international best practices. [...]

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Yes we can! 10 Things to-do during lockdown as a business owner.

What will you do today? Depending on where you are, you might be in a lockdown since two or more months (Thank you for staying home!). You might be going a bit stir crazy if you're just at home or working from home. But as a business owner you might be pulling out your hair in absolute desperate frustration by now. After passing through phases of denial, anger and acceptance I reached a phase that is a weird combination of feeling inadequate and thinking [...]

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3 Steps to create a positive impact with your business today!

Today is a strange day. The world has changed in the past few weeks more than any of us would ever have thought it would. More than ever we feel separated, when we need each other most. So what do you do as a business? How do you deal with that? Just shut your doors and go to sleep? Or do you want to make a positive impact in this challenging situation? For us at Caïo it has brought us back to the very [...]

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The science behind the 15 benefits of Nilotica shea butter

By now you may have heard that Nilotica shea butter does wonders for your skin and hair. But why is this the case? Today we are going to answer that question with an overview of the 15 benefits of Nilotica shea butter and the components that create them. I want to avoid a chemistry lecture, so I will try to stick to plain language. But apologies in advance for any terminology that I can’t avoid! And FIY, this is a long post. There is [...]

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5 Facts about Nilotica shea butter that you need to know

Nilotica shea butter has solved skin crisis! Thats why today we list the 5 Facts about nilotica shea butter that you need to know in this post. You never know who might get a skin crisis that you can help solve!  Nilotica shea butter changes lives and it can also change yours and that of your loved ones. How do I know that for sure? It has helped my skin look the healthiest and glowing it ever has. It has kept my children’s skin [...]

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The 5 key trends driving the beauty industry in 2020

Do you have your strategy laid out for #2020? With an expected average growth rate of 6% per year for the next 10 years, the global beauty industry is a very attractive playground to play in. It is expected to value 800 BN USD in 2030! Are you ready to serve your customers and give them exactly what they want? As you know, that is what gets you new customers and keeps your current customers head over heels in love with you. It is [...]

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